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Turbomag fuel savers

Please note: All Turbomag fuel savers are made universal and will work on cars or trucks of any make: non-turbo or turbo, petrol or diesel. Turbomag is a fuel conditioning system, it works on fuels not on engines. Different titles are for marketing purposes only.

"The most important task for car industry nowadays is improvement of fuel combustion inside the engine. It's achievable by Magnetic Activation"
YES !!!
We completely agree with Mr.Calvert because magnetic fluid conditioning is not a kind of magic but neglected part of science called magnetohydrodynamics.
It's nothing new but proven and tested over last 50years technology as you can read down description of our product, its history (you could read the article: "RAF, NASA & Magnetizers"- below in the description), testimonials and FAQs... Thanks to new neodymium magnets this devices are small and still powerful enough to affect any passing-by fluid: water, fuel or gas! Water is not the only fluid that can benefit from magnetohydrodynamics. Subjecting gasoline and diesel fuel to a magnetic field results in more complete combustion of that fuel. Magnetically treated fuel becomes much softer - it has lower surface tension so it cleans the carbon build-up from injectors and valves and sprays into smaller droplets. Such fuel has also a tendency to attract oxygen molecules when mixed with air in a combustion cylinder.

Clean injectors, clean engine  =  better performance !
The result is a more efficient and complete combustion of the fuel throughout the entire chamber, generating more energy from the same amount of fuel, and reducing environmentally harmful hydrocarbon emissions. Whether it's water for your home, office, or swimming pool, or fuel for your vehicles, magnetohydrodynamics makes a positive difference. Magnetic fluid conditioning is a technology that is here to stay.

Stop scale build-up and corrosion in the engine !
Magnetized fuel burns better and cleans your engine as you drive, which in turn can lead to better fuel economy and engine's longevity. Although the benefits may be evident almost straightaway, for best results allow up to few thousands miles. 
Guaranteed results!
90 days money back guarantee!
Fuels prices are rising all the time.
Don't be without Turbomag Max.
The Fuel Saving Device You Can Depend On!

Auction includes:

1set - 2 small Turbomags - a pair (each one is: 25x30x10mm/LxWxH)
 2 Magnetizers (pole S) - for fuel main line, 2 cable ties and detailed instruction sheet
  • Will Turbomag effect my vehicle’s warranty? NO. Since Turbomag is designed to be fastened onto the outside of a fuel line, not cutting into it, it will not void any warranties. 
  • For all diesel engines four 25mm long Magnetizers (e.i. 2 pairs) should be applied as diesel is much thicker than petrol! (two is enough in the case you got 40mm long Magnets - we sell them in our eBay shop... There is no difference between 2x25mm and 1x40mm magnets performance. Longer one is just a newer model created for diesel engines to restrict the quantity of magnets installed on the fuel line - simply two magnets on the line is less messy than 4 magnets on the line.)
  • For petrol engines bigger than 2.0l four Magnetizers should be applied!
  • We recommend to install an extra magnetizer on cooling pipe coming into cars radiator and another one on oil filter. Applied on cooling pipe it gives an extra boost to the engine cleaning process and prevents engine overheating by removing water limescale. When extra one used on oil filter it removes ferrous particles down to submicron sizes, enhances cleaning capacity of the filter and adhesivecharacteristic of the oil, similar to Castrol's Magnatec.

  • What type of behaviour can be expected from newly magnetized car?
    In new engines immediately evident will be an increase in the power/mpg. This is the newly energized fuel exploding in the combustion chambers. In old engines, depending upon the carbon & varnish condition of the system, the extra mpg may be reduced temporarily. In old engines it can even take up to few thousands miles! This is a result of the MAGNETIZED fuel’s cleaning capability, dissolving the carbon and the varnish build-up from within the system. It occurs when tiny particulates may briefly impede the fuel flow. The particulate will dissolve. The power will then return, signifying the completion of the “cleaning” stage. At this point, the jets, lines, and injectors return to peak efficiency. Cleaning to Factory – New Specs, thereby running a cleaner, more efficient engine, which of course lasts longer with improved performance. 
    In engines with a carburetor a small adjustment will be required: after about 1000miles, increase amount of air and decrease amount of fuel coming into the carburetor as the fuel/air mix is now too rich due to magnetic conditioning of the fuel.
    In EFI engines the self-adjustment of Electronic Fuel Injection system occurs in most of the cases. It takes about 1000miles of driving. However, sometimes in the past, fuel savers would not work when applied to fuel injection because fuel injection systems are actually designed to prevent efficient combustion! Resetting of a system is required in such a case.
    Increasing the combustion efficiency of an engine decreases amount of CO in the exhaust gas thus increases the exhaust oxygen percentage. Most fuel injection engines use an oxygen sensor to infer the air/fuel ratio of the engine, the increased oxygen content in the exhaust is 'read' by the computer to be a lean mixture in the engine. The computer then adds extra fuel to bring the pollution back to 'normal'! In order to avoid this simply reset car's computer by disconnecting car's battery for about 1 hour, or even better, 1 night. After reconnecting it switch the car on and drive for about 5-10 miles. Remember to have radio pin code with you, just in case you'd be asked to put the one to unlock the radio

    Installing Turbomag

    1.  Locate the fuel supply line under pressure feeding the engine from the fuel tank. Vehicles with fuel injection engines normally have two lines running parallel between the fuel tank and the engine, a supply line and a return line. While the engine is running, feel the lines and the colder one of the two will be the supply line.

    2.  Insert the nylon tie through the grooves that have the tie retainer slot. This is to help hold the tie in position while applying the Turbomag to the fuel line.

    3.  Simply place the Turbomag over the fuel supply line, at the accessible location as close to the carburetor or fuel injection system as possible. However do not install the Turbomag in close proximity to the alternator or any electromagnetic energy source. Even installation on a metal line has given good performance. Good radiation can be achieved even through the metal nevertheless it takes more time to get its full potential. Do not install the device on braided metal fuel line. This should be replaced for base metal, rubber or plastic fuel pipe.

    4.  Complete installation by wrapping the tie completely around the Turbomag making sure the tie fits into the side grooves. Trim off the excess tie. 

    Due to the cleaning and removal process of the carbon/varnish deposits inside the cylinders, the fuel consumption may temporarily increase during the initial cleaning cycle. Mileage will stabilize after a short time. Noticeable improvement may take up to four tanks of fuel and, for optimum results to be achieved, please allow 1,000 miles or 3 full tanks of gas. A clean air filter, or a measure of carburetor or injector cleaner mixed in the fuel will also help to give faster results and regular servicing is obviously still necessary. Increased performance and smoother running will often also be noticed.

    If it's so good why not used by car industry?
    It's a very good question! Why big car companies are not interested in all benefits achievable by using magnetic technologies in cars? But the real question is: would they profit on it? Think about it, who would profit? Customer would - of course! Customers will spend lees on fuel, less on repairs and spares! Who would loose? Those who produce spares do a service and those who sale fuels and those who put on and collect fuel taxes! Permanently cleaned engine means a clean spark plug, less damage to a catalytic converter, less overheating as a limescale is removed from an engine, less harm to a radiator etc... At the end of the day we can see that THEY would loose a lot of money on servicing and spares selling. An american company producing fuel magnetizers made a simulation for 10% savings on fuels consumed by all Federal Agencies in USA. IRS would loose 12bln $ on fueltax per year...

    Why should I purchase it over other brands?

    Turbomag is the only magnetic fuel saving device that does the following: optimizes fuel economy and horse power while being compact enough to accommodate all the twists, turns and tight areas of the gas line, unlike other much bulkier devices.

    Turbomag is built with neodymium conductor magnet N38H (works up to 120'C) which contains more magnetic power, spread over a much longer area, thus maximizes the effect. Each set is tested before being sent out. Internal magnetic flux of Turbomag is about 6300Gauss which gives about 3500Gauss on the surface of a magnet. Enough power to affect any flowing-by fluid.

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